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Book A Session

45 Minute Salt Sessions and Deluxe Room Sessions can be booked online. 



If you are interested in any of our other Salty Services i.e Foot Reflexology Add On, Salt Stone Massage, Signature Salty Facial, etc. please call us here at Newtown!

215-515-SALT (7258)

How To Book Online

1. Select your appointment type:

             - 45 Minute Salt Session

             - Deluxe Session For 1

             - Deluxe Session for 2

2. Select your salt room:

             - Newtown

             - Newtown Deluxe Room

3. Select your dates (will select up to 7 days for you)


5. Select the appropriate time with the day you would like to book.

6. Create a client profile to book your appointment.

Things To Note:

  • You CANNOT book multiple appointments under the one name.

  • Deluxe Room sessions, guests must be 18 years or older.

  • Please make sure you choose to be notified via email and text for appointment confirmations.

  • We DO NOT take payment online!

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